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Louvered pergola

About Louvered Pergola

The Luxaterra louvered Pergola is the modern day pergola that has the technology to open, close, pivot, and slide depending on your needs.

Pergolas have been around for quite a long time. History specialists have assisted us with understanding, in view of the pergola’s position in gardens and over walkways between structures, that the pergola’s main role was to give conceal without the need to a strong rooftop. Conveying conceal stays the pergola’s basic role today, yet with a contort.

From residential to commercial uses, from small patios to larger outdoor spaces, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Manufactorer or Erde Company?

We are the OEM manufacturer specialized in awning pergola product more than 30 years.

How we do Business?

Contact us and we will connect you with our dealer in your area who will be able to help you bild your patio project.

How to Guarantee the Quality of the Products?

Of course we offer warranty from the date of installation. 3-5 Years

We rely on a network of specialists and professionals who know our products and have received a strict installation training. Our dealers are able to install any of our products.

After drawing confirmation, obtention  of the permit and the dealer schedule, our production time frame is usually 4 weeks and can go up to 8 weeks depending on the size and custom options.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship to some countries,included the United States, Canada, Middle east, etc

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Perfect Shade Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Conceal, previously known as a deck rooftop, is currently regularly alluded to as a gazebo — it principally serves the useful capability of shielding from the sun, the breeze, and downpour, and gives the ability to extend your outside living space and style your porch. With rafters, shafts and segments as the primary design, it very well may be joined to the house or introduced autonomously from the yard. Despite the fact that individuals have various feelings about gazebos, typically gazebos are unsupported, maybe with a slanting rooftop, maybe with a level rooftop. On the off chance that you have a nursery or deck in your yard, you can without much of a stretch appreciate recreation time outside and engage loved ones in the back nursery of your home. As outside residing spaces become more agreeable, it can enhance your home.

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Louvered Pergola

High-end retractable canopy with aluminum structure,

Louvered Pergola see it here open slats

Perfect technology, slim design, high quality production and workmanship.
Convenient electronic control, can also be integrated into smart homes

Slat Roof Luxaterra Louvered Pergola in UAE Dubai

Slat Roof Louvered pergola

Make your patio the way you want it to be without being subject to random weather patterns. Combine minimalism with aesthetics that can adapt well to any style. You don’t have to worry about giant umbrellas blowing away because your louver roof is built to withstand the worst weather Emirates can throw.

Looking for the perfect addition to complete your patio? Slat roofs have become the UAE’s most popular roofing solutions owing to their super easy assembly and groundbreaking quality. Whether it is a freestanding model or attached to the wall of your home, the slatted roof not only creates a real eye-catcher in your garden or terrace: but also offers impressive functionality. This novel roof type can be used almost all year round and provides complete protection from the sun and winds of Sharjah.

Through quality craftsmanship, durable materials, and exceptional customer service, Metallbau Goerres manufactures and provides German slat roofs Louvered pergola . Our excellent service protects your residential and commercial sites in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Cayman, and Sharjah. Whether your roof needs freestanding slat roof models or an attached one, our roofing professionals will complete the job promptly and to your satisfaction.

Why choose slatted roofs Louvered pergola ?

Due to their flexibility and capability, slat roofs can change how you experience your surroundings and your outdoor entertainment and leisure areas. With a slatted roof, you’ll have a more pleasant space, and you’ll be able to enjoy your louvered roof all year round. You will expand your indoor space to outdoor space and naturally spend more time absorbing all the health benefits of more fresh air and sunlight. 

While protecting your patio from the rain, our slatted roof systems enhance your outdoor living environment by allowing you to control temperature and lighting. An adjustable louver system limits glare and directs sunlight regardless of where the sun is in the sky. In some places, the slats are angled for ventilation to cool the air on your balcony or terrace. Finally, although shutters are often seen as a functional element rather than an aesthetic one in modern architectural expression, they look great too. There are many more benefits to consider when deciding whether a slatted roof suits your location in the Emirates.

Enjoy your outdoors in any season.

Do you live near the desert where the heat and direct sunlight keep you inside? In countries like UAE, this can be a grave issue. Slat roofs Louvered pergola give you the shade you need, making indoor and outdoor living flexible and comfortable. Best of all, you can adjust the shade you want as the sun’s position changes. When the morning is a bit chilly, you can leave all the blinds open to let in the sun. Close the blinds to the desired position as more shade is needed as the temperature rises. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain, a louver roof automatically closes the slats when it rains, making it easier to protect everything underneath. There are at least 4 ways to extend your outdoor living with a slatted roof:

  • Use louvered roofs as insulation for built-in fireplaces or surface heaters.
  • Adjust the lighting, and create the look you desire.
  • Use closed lids for shelter when the temperature drops. When the hot summer comes, open your mouth and enjoy the sun.
  • Use the hot tub under a shady pergola to provide the warmth you need when it’s cold.

Worry no more about your expensive outdoor furniture suffering from the wear and tear of the elements. One of the great aspects of a slatted roof is how much it adds to outdoor entertainment. You can throw a party in rain or shine and know your guests will be comfortable. From lighting to heating, custom features add to the fun outdoor experience. 

Take benefit of advanced materials and design.

Unlike a typical patio or pergola cover, the louvered slat roof is made from durable materials, including high-quality extruded aluminum components and stainless-steel fasteners. As a leading manufacturer of retractable and rotatable aluminum slatted roof Bioclimatic, Luxaterra ensures that your architecture and design match visually with the rest of your home. Think of a louvered roof as a beautiful extension of your home rather than a simple cover for your outdoor space. When you use the expertise of our slatted design, you can create a stunning indoor/outdoor environment that will enhance your home’s daily enjoyment and increase its value.

A slatted roof Louvered pergola gives you control, peace of mind, and luxurious outdoor living. Designed and manufactured in Germany, our outdoor louvered systems are engineered for precision design, technology, and installation. These slatted solutions can be controlled via state-of-the-art apps or any smart device with remote control. Its comprehensive control system rotates blinds to suit your environment and also contains integrated LED lights.

Technology Involved

Like other design elements in modern homes, louver roofs are designed for smart systems that you can access through your mobile device. A slatted roof will dramatically change how you feel about your outdoor living space than a patio cover or pergola. A beautiful and innovative way to enjoy the outdoors in any season, a louver roof can transform your home and give you the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience. 

Our beautiful patio covers feature a sleek, simple design that will blend well with any home’s architectural design. You can select the color, design, and size of your louver roof based on your home’s exterior paint, exterior siding design, and even furniture. This means that a patio cover will look great and complement the outdoor decor you already have in your yard.

Controlling the UAE’s Temperature

Using slatted roof system covers to control temperature goes hand in hand with controlling shade and sunlight on your deck. Block the sun, and of course, the temperature will drop. However, you can also use the angle of the slats on one of these motorized sunroofs to control how air flows in or out, providing a naturally more fabulous seating area.

This is especially true on windy days. If you strategically tilt your slats into the wind, the winds will pass through and cool the air underneath. The opposite is true on windy autumn days; tilting your curtains away from the wind (preferably towards the sun) will block the breeze and keep your outdoor space warm. Hence, you can adjust the UAE’s temperature with our slat roof solutions. 

Features of Goerres’s signature slatted roofs Louvered pergola

Our 30 years of experience have helped us gain expertise in providing state-of-the-art slatted roofing solutions. Our Slats are available in various colors, styles, and materials to suit any modern home. Now you can control items with remote options at your fingertips. The shading system works well with the lighting, sound, and heating systems for the perfect outdoor experience.

Lighting features and an integrated roof protect occupants from harsh UV rays. In addition, its ability to harness solar energy means that any homeowner can increase the value of their property at a discounted price. Review our slatted roof features underneath to get some insight:

  • Our louver roof systems are designed with high-quality materials, including high-quality extruded aluminum components and stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Our patented lighting design is one of the most unique integrated lighting systems ever created. Choose from patented integrated LED lights, RGB LED colors, LED column lights, and LED recessed lights.
  • We offer a vast range of colors. Choose between classic and designer colors. Check out our color options and match them with your interior.
  • Our roofing solutions can be controlled using any smart device or our dedicated remote control.
  • We design hundreds of standard-size units using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, allowing us to build custom modules for you with custom adjustments for almost any size and shape.
  • Entertain or relax in your outdoor living space any time of year, in any weather, with heaters, fans and misting systems, and motorized screens, and enjoy Dubai’s weather like never before.
  • Customize your louver roof design to match your home or business’s existing design and style with beam, post, and bracket upgrade options.
  • A single-slatted patio cover can extend up to 22 feet, or multiple patio covers can be combined for more space or unique design needs.
  • Our slatted solutions are manufactured in Germany, and hence they are ensured to have high quality.